About Us

Welcome to TapDeckApp – The Tap Deck Display System.  A revolutionized way to share your tap list with your patrons, with your community, and with the world.

While the craft brew revolution is upon us, we find that the larger the variety of beers available, the harder it is to keep up with the ever changing taps and bottles on hand.  Add to that the wealth of knowledge we expect from our staff, and the result is mass confusion, missed opportunities, and frustrated customers.

Ever have a patron walk in and ask your server:

“What’s new on tap?”

Inevitably, the answer is:

“Let me go ask.”

“I dunno, here’s a list!”

And that list is a hand written bar note scribbled and stained from the start of their shift.  Certainly not a way to sell all your fine brews.

Enter TAP DECK.  An eye-catching, social integrated display system that is always up to date, visible from across the room, and helpful in every way to select that next brew.

There is even a companion app for your customers mobile device.  Imagine your best customers getting an automatic notice on their phone when you change out a tap, or add beer from their wish list.  At a glance, they can sift through beers your serving, and get all the information at their fingertips, including the brewery, style, alcohol content, and food pairing.  If they use Untappd, they can even see which beers they have logged and rated to make it easier to clear the board.  The options are limitless.

As this product evolves, give us feed back on what you would like to see added (or removed).  The display system is customizable for that individuality that is your bar.

Contact us for more information at info@tapdeckapp.com.